IT Jetpack is a live online show where computer techs and IT business owners talk about issues they face every day.

Each show starts with a Pre-show TED talk, and followed by an AMA (Ask Me Anything). You can ask the panel anything, and chat with other business owners in the field. Subscribe to show reminders.

Jetpack is an experiment.

Have you ever flown across the country to sit in a hotel with hundreds of people whose names you only knew because they’re printed on a badge?  Every conference follows the same formula. 

Jetpack seeks to change that.

Jetpack is about more than just sharing business ideas — it’s about engagement. It’s a peer-led, online and in-person community.

Jetpack is a conversation, not a presentation. It’s built for small businesses.

Instead of two hour keynotes, we have ten minute TED talks. Instead of inspirational speakers, we share ideas. And instead of branded pens and water bottles, we have … zombies?

You might wonder why there’s an invitation to an in-person conference as part of Jetpack. Nothing can replace a handshake.

I hope you enjoy being part of Jetpack as much as we enjoyed making it.

Share your feedback, thoughts and show ideas. This show is for you.

— Corey.

Where did the name “Jetpack” come from?

We work with a lot of small businesses, often one-guy/gal shops.  Jetpack helps you fly.  The big guys have corporate jets, you have Jetpack.

We didn’t know “Jetpack” was also the name of the most popular WordPress plugin on Earth — found that out after we bought the domain and made the graphics. 

See what happens when you put programmers in charge of marketing?  It’s lousy for SEO too, so tell a friend and spread the word.