“We’re not here to sell you anything.”

Heard that one before?  Of course we are, but not during the show. 

We have AMAs and sponsor pages up-top for that.  This show is strictly about IT business.

– The first rule of Jetpack is you don’t talk about your product 
– The second rule of Jetpack is you don’t use clichés from Fight Club

There will be no selling, no content-gearing, and no mutual vendor pats-on-the-back. 

The host is a podcaster and IT Pro himself.  He’ll keep us in line.


What do vendors know about working in the IT trenches?

Some of us are IT guys.  Several of us run, or used to run, small businesses.  

We know you do your books on the kitchen table, some of us do too.  We know what it’s like trying to hire when you’re up against companies with deep pockets and fancy offices.

Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two.  We may not be the “experts” you’re used to hearing. Jetpack is a platform to share what we’ve learned in our own businesses with you.  Maybe what we do will work for you, too.


Am I going to be put on a bunch of mailing lists?

Mostly no.  Here’s the deal…

There’s a tracker on the URL, as if you didn’t notice.  When you sign up to watch the show, the sponsor who gave you that link can tell.

If you click Leave my contact info on a sponsor page, naturally, you’ll end up on that list.

We want to attract as many people to the show as we can.  Top-recruiting sponsors get additional attendees’ contact info.

You will not be added to all the sponsors mailing lists.  We don’t sell our lists.  We don’t track what you do on the site.

All of us have easy opt-outs.

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